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Dolphin Workshop



Holiday workshop on the beach with dolphins

24 June - 1 July 2017



I have been invited by 120 beautiful dolphins to come and enjoy their wisdom and loving vibrations.


Ever since my last dolphin workshop in 2013 I have been looking for another opportunity to introduce more people to these fantastic beings and teachers.


Some time ago I received a call through my Dolphin connection to come into telepathic contact with the dolphin collective consciousness. I organized a session with a colleague that is connected to dolphins as well and just a few days later the information came to me about a big dolphin pod that was waiting to make a connection.


Through the deeply spiritual connection to these dolphins I have been guided to organize this workshop.






Our beautiful private villas are right on the beach of the sea where our 120 dolphin friends live. In addition to that we will be going out on a boat to visit the dolphins in their natural habitat. We will have the opportunity to encounter many other beautiful animals under the experienced guidance of a local biologist. He will show us many things from sea horses to beautiful bird life and pristine beaches.


I am supposed to give the exact location of this workshop when you have decided to join. It is no more than a 3 hours flight from most airports in Europe.



Personal Development

During this week we will let ourselves be guided by the dolphins and their teachings. You can expect to learn about the balance between individuality and collective identity.

You will also address personal imbalances through exercises that will help you raise the energy frequency in your energy field.


You will have direct experiences with the perception of energy and vibration and be guided into a state of mind that will allow you to see yourself and your life with more clarity and peace.



Registration for this workshop is now open.



























Depending on the accommodation of your choice, prices for this workshop range from


€ 1200 PP- €1550 PP


This price includes:

- 7 nights in a dream villa on the beach in a natural paradise

- Half board with traditional dishes including food that comes from the organic local gardens.

- High quality spiritual and self development training, try it and you will be coming back, like most workshop participants.


Two full days on a comfortable, private boat with a local Biologist as your guide

Encounters with dolphins


You will have to keep space in your budget for:

Your airfare

Transportation to and from the workshop location

Extra meals




My workshops are a meeting place for interesting, creative and relaxed people. More than 80% of participants come back every year to enjoy a week of holiday with like minded people and a jump in their personal development.


Participants range between 18-67 years of age, come from all over Europe and beyond and have various interesting jobs, hobbies and life styles. Unlike many other programs you can expect a very nice balanced gender participation.


You will feel right at home ❤️


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